Skillnet Ireland Partner of Innovations in Training Dublin Event

Skillnet Ireland Partners with Training Magazine for Innovations in Training Dublin

Oct 3rd, 2019

Innovations in Training is a three-day Dublin field trip for learning and development professionals who want to experience innovative ways to push beyond traditional approaches to workplace learning and apply new ways to design and deploy more engaging training.

Innovations in Training takes place annually in the United States and this year’s Irish event, marks the first time the event will take place outside of the US. The event follows the World Conference on Online Learning taking place at sites throughout Dublin 7-9 November.

The event features visits to cutting-edge simulation labs, innovation centres and training sites, along with in-depth innovation chats and immersive experiences that demonstrate innovative approaches to learning at work.

Skillnet Ireland are delighted to partner with Training Magazine in bringing this experiential innovative event to Ireland along with Enterprise Ireland and Dublin City University (DCU). Tracey Donnery, Executive Director at Skillnet Ireland will be speaking at the Innovations in Training launch event.

“For Irish businesses to compete in a global marketplace, organisations need to increase the capacity of its people to innovate effectively. We are pleased to be part of the Innovations in Training event as it is an excellent opportunity for businesses to see first-hand how some of Ireland’s most innovative businesses are developing the innovation capabilities of their leaders and teams.”

Professor Mark Brown, conference chair and director of the National Institute for Digital Learning at Dublin City University also welcomes this event.

These events combine the best research, theory and practice to help inspire trainers and educators to design better, more engaging and impactful experiential learning.

We will be asking big questions about the future of education at the ICDE World Conference on Online Learning, and are pleased to feature cutting-edge workplace learning examples during the post-conference Innovations in Training Dublin.”

Innovations in Training is limited to 50 delegates who will gain insider-access to a cross section of organisations that are changing the way people learn. Site visits will allow delegates to experience innovative ways to push beyond traditional approaches to workplace learning and apply new ways to design and deploy more engaging training. Host companies include IBM Research Ireland, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and Ernst & Young Dublin.

Innovators who will share their stories include:

  • Ernst & Young’s Global Chief Learning Officer Brenda Sugrue;
  • Steve Boucher and Travis May, two senior learning leaders from Mastercard;
  • Suzi Jarvis, the director of the University College Dublin’s Innovation Academy;
  • Dermot O’Flynn, director of professional development at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland;
  • Peter Gillis, innovation services team lead at Learnovate;
  • Several researchers from IBM on their artificial intelligence and machine learning research, technologies and techniques.

Find more information and register now on the Innovations in Training Dublin website.


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