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The importance of lifelong learning

Participation in formal adult education and training can lead to better employment prospects for people, higher wages and upward social and occupational mobility. For firms, upskilling and reskilling can lead to higher productivity, growth and often complements innovation in the workplace. Adult learning can also create strong social benefits with higher-skilled adults typically reporting better health, a sense of feeling more included in political processes, and trusting others more, than low-skilled adults.

Our Skillnet Business Networks and dedicated talent initiatives, deliver the skills solutions businesses need to compete and grow. Fostering greater participation in lifelong learning across Ireland is essential and will only increase in importance over the coming years.

Globally, the digital transformation, climate change, and other issues - are rapidly transforming the skills individuals need to effectively participate in work and society. In Ireland, where population ageing, skills shortages and the future demand for high-level qualifications in the labour market outpace the OECD average, upskilling and reskilling are particularly important. We look forward to engaging more businesses, and their talent, in upskilling, reskilling and developing talent in their teams.

Lifelong Learning

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