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Businesses can access training and upskilling courses through Farm Business Skillnet, ICOS Skillnet, Macra Agricultural Skillnet, National Organic Training Skillnet, XL Vets Skillnet, through one of our sectoral or multi-sector networks in their region or via one of our national initiatives. Areas include agriculture, organic farming, food and beverage production, fisheries, fish processing and forestry.


Farm Business Skillnet

Farm Business Skillnet supports farm businesses and smallholders in the agriculture sector.


ICOS Skillnet

ICOS Skillnet supports businesses in the co-operative and Agri-business sectors.


Macra Agricultural Skillnet

Macra Agricultural Skillnet supports farmers and agri-businesses.


XLVets Skillnet

XLVets Skillnet supports businesses in the veterinary and Agri-business sector.


National Organic Training Skillnet

National Organic Training Skillnet supports businesses in the organic and Agri-food sectors.

Talent development to address business challenges with XLVets Skillnet

Glen Veterinary needed to recruit highly skilled vets ready to apply what they learned in theory at university, in real life workplace situations.

XLVets Skillnet developed a structured graduate programme combining theory with practice for all new and recent vetinary graduates. The development of the programme and its growth is a direct response to listening to its member businesses and the challenges they face on a daily basis. Glen Veterinary has recruited highly skilled vets from the programme which has allowed the practice to expand, adopt best practice and outpace the competition.

The feedback on the programme has been hugely positive for XLVets Skillnet, with many vetinary businesses saying it is the difference between hiring and not hiring potential candidates. XLVets Skillnet is developing further programmes in areas such as sustainability, which are critical to the future of the sector.

Talent development to address business challenges with XLVets Skillnet

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