Virtual training to equip your business to deal with any new customs challenges

Clear Customs Update

Thank you for your interest in Clear Customs. The Clear Customs training programme is now closed and no longer accepting any new applications. CILT Mobility & Supply Chain Skillnet continues to deliver a range of related upskilling programmes in the area of customs and supply chain management. For further information see


Why Clear Customs Training?

Planning for Brexit has highlighted the importance of capacity-building in the customs intermediary sector and boosting ‘in-house’ customs capacity amongst businesses that are regularly trading with the UK.

Delays at customs due to incorrect or inaccurate declarations can result in disruption to both business and customers. For the customs intermediary sector, and other businesses, taking steps now to train key staff on how to effectively complete a customs declaration helps pre-empt Brexit related customs challenges.

Delivered in partnership with Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) and CILT Mobility & Supply Chain Skillnet, the Free Clear Customs virtual training programme will upskill your staff specifically in the area of customs procedures and documentation for continuous or future trade with or through the UK.


In partnership with:

Who is this for?

Customs Intermediaries?

Will you need to expand your team and train more staff? If so, avail of the Clear Customs training for your staff and new recruits

Currently exporting/importing?

Are you currently exporting/importing significant levels of goods to/from the UK? Do you need to increase your ‘in-house’ capacity to process additional customs declarations?

Planning on exporting/importing?

Is your business planning for a significant level of trade to/from the UK? Are you looking to develop an ‘in-house’ capacity to process customs declarations?

Involved in Logistics?

Are you moving goods into or through the UK? Do you need to upskill your team to support clients in completing customs procedures correctly?

Clear Customs Training Overview

Clear Customs offers free, virtual training to customs intermediaries and to businesses who frequently trade with or through the UK.

The aim of this remotely-delivered training programme is to upskill your business personnel specifically in the area of customs procedures and documentation for continuous or future trade with or through the UK.

Programme Format

  • Free training programme
  • 10 hours of training spread over 5 weeks
  • Delivered via virtual live-classes and app-based learning
  • Outcome based programme with a final virtual examination
  • Training provided via the CILT Mobility & Supply Chain Skillnet

*Business / Trainee Eligibility Criteria

  • Business must be operating in the private sector
  • Business must be based in the Republic of Ireland
  • Business must be involved (or is going to be involved) in the import/export or facilitation of import/export of goods to, from or through the UK
  • Trainee must be an employee of a business that meets the above criteria
  • Trainee must/will be engaged in customs clearance activities

Clear Customs is accredited by Carlow Institute of Technology. Upon successful completion participants will be awarded a Certificate of Customs Clearance Procedures (10 credits at Level 6).

What Skills Will I Learn?

The capability to complete import/export declarations via Customs Clearance Software

The documentation requirements of the exporter/importer and an understanding where these fit within the customs clearance chain

Develop an understanding of transit procedures (for using UK as third country land bridge)

Learn about valuation and its relevance for completing customs declarations

Develop knowledge of origin and its relevance for completing customs declarations

Learn about the specific procedures unique to individual sectors

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