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"Our staff are now empowered to make the customer happier. Ongoing training has enabled them to make effective decisions, which in turn enhances our reputation and gives us an edge in a very competitive marketplace."

George Bertram, Commercial Director, Eddie Rocket's


  • Staff recruitment and retention
  • Delivering an exceptional and consistent customer experience throughout the business



Before Eddie Rocket’s engaged with the Irish Franchising Skillnet, all of their training was managed internally. Spending was prioritised on the absolute essential training, like safety and compliance.

Eddie Rocket’s wanted staff to develop a greater understanding of the importance of communicating effectively with customers. They wanted their staff to become leaders in customer service and to help implement systems that would significantly enhance the company’s reputation.

The Irish Franchising Skillnet provided Eddie Rocket’s staff with access to invaluable customer service programmes. George Bertram, Commercial Director with Eddie Rocket’s worked with the Network to tailor the customer care programme to their business and to meet the developmental needs of their staff.

George outlined the impact of customer complaints on their business; “When customer service is dealt with in-store, it’s purely the cost of a refund or a product. But if a complaint escalates to head office then the cost, time and resource increases and more worryingly our reputation is at stake.”



  • The volume of customer complaints dropped significantly
  • Training to deal with a complaint at store level empowered the employee to deal with the issue directly without the need to escalate the matter
  • Staff recognise that management are interested in their development and value the opportunity to enhance their skills further

As a result of the Irish Franchising Skillnet training, Eddie Rocket’s reported that communication and customer service improved significantly. Employees were more invested, had higher expectations and shared information more freely.

The training had a critical impact on the business too with a massive improvement in customer feedback scores. Managers were empowered to deal with issues directly, without involving senior management.

Training breeds training and as a result of the new training culture, additional upskilling has been requested by Eddie Rocket’s managers. A variety of front line training programmes such as presentation skills, customer service ambassadors and HR training has been rolled out throughout the group. This knowledge is actively shared and passed on so staff at various levels can progress to the next level.

George admits that the amount of training Eddie Rocket’s has undertaken in recent years wouldn’t have been possible without the Irish Franchising Skillnet.

“20% funding can make all the difference. It comes down to whether we can do the training or not. The Irish Franchising Skillnet sourced an excellent customer care trainer, who we worked with to tailor the training to our business practices. Accessing training that is geared specifically towards us is extremely beneficial, particularly when you are part of a busy franchise.”

Eddie Rockets Logo

Company Background

Established in 1989 Eddie Rocket’s now have 4 brands; Eddie Rocket's, Rocket’s, The Counter Burger and Flash Harry’s. They have a total of 50 casual dining restaurants nationwide; 22 company owned and 28 franchisee owned. Eddie Rocket’s were winners of Irish Franchise of the Year in 2017 and have almost 1,000 employees, with the majority of their staff located in the Republic of Ireland. They also have restaurants in Northern Ireland, Spain and will add Germany to this list in 2018.


About the Network

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