Our Support for Businesses


Our 73 Skillnet Business Networks assist businesses, small and large, to identify the skills needed to develop their businesses and to support their teams. The Skillnet model has particular appeal for SMEs as the cost of training is subsided by Skillnet Ireland. In addition, the design, sourcing and delivery of training is all coordinated by the Skillnet Business Network itself, enabling easy access to training but also moving much of the administrative burden away from the firm.


Are you a manager seeking to develop the skills of your team?

If so, click here for further information on how Skillnet Business Networks support SMEs in upskilling, across a broad range of industry sectors.


Are you a group of businesses / representative body seeking to establish a new Skillnet Business Network?

If so, click here for guidance of how to work with Skillnet Ireland to establish a new Skillnet Business Network.

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