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Skillnet Ireland, the national talent development agency, and IRDG, Ireland’s business-led innovation network representing companies working together to achieve excellence in innovation, have announced a new partnership which will empower businesses to succeed through innovation with world-class skills training.

Since 1992, IRDG has identified and pioneered key areas of innovation skills training for industry in Ireland including Design Thinking, Lean Product Development, Applying Technological Innovation (5G, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT) as well as Innovation Strategy and Management. Businesses that are members of the IRDG Innovation Skillnet Business Network will have access to ways of upskilling their workforce within these areas as well as other relevant elements of industry innovation.

Commenting on the new initiative, Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Simon Coveney, said: “IRDG Innovation Skillnet’s mission is to raise the level of technical education in innovation, to develop and to deliver world-class training for existing and emerging leaders. It will support the adoption of ISO innovation management frameworks within businesses across the country to redefine effective innovation practices and equip industries with the skills to continually renew their business in a world of permanent change and flux.”

Dave Flynn, Director of Business Networks, Skillnet Ireland, said: “Strengthening our innovation capabilities is crucial for maintaining our competitive edge in an increasingly lean, green, and digital landscape. We are pleased to partner with IRDG on this national imperative in this, the EU Year of Skills.”

Dermot Casey, CEO of IRDG, added: “We will help organisations establish the leadership, internal culture and support required to successfully make innovation an ongoing activity that produces results – rather than leaving it to pockets of work or to chance inspiration. Globally we expect we’ll see an emerging profession of Innovation Management over the next decade and through the IRDG Innovation Skillnet and we look forward to being at the forefront of that progression.”

The IRDG Innovation Skillnet will work with businesses to;

  • Develop world-class innovation capabilities and resilience to change
  • Deliver innovation strategies effectively and create cultures of innovation
  • Navigate uncertainty and reduce the risk involved in innovation
  • Rise to the challenges of digitalisation and sustainability

Learn more about the IRDG Innovation Skillnet by clicking here.

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