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The global immersive technology sector, encompassing augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), spatial computing, and mixed reality (MR), collectively referred to as extended reality (XR), is currently valued at c.€3bn. As the sector evolves and becomes a major economic force, so too do the skills needed to meet business needs.  This publication, produced by Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet sets out to better understand future skills challenges of the immersive sector within the Irish market as well identifying the needs and opportunities of this still emerging area. 

The report was prepared with input from stakeholders across the Irish domestic ecosystem, including industry, government, large enterprise, SMEs, research, and education. It provides a strategy to support the further development of the Irish immersive technology sector. The immersive technologies marketplace has undergone significant milestones that have shaped it in recent years and all at a remarkable pace. This report looks at key indicators of the evolution of immersive technology such as the global pandemic which accelerated the rate of technological use and adoption and the continued and intensified investment by big tech has changed the way society works and brought about an immersive technology revolution.  

Tracey Donnery, Director of Communications and Policy, Skillnet Ireland, said; 

“This report offers a comprehensive examination of both the opportunities and challenges associated with advancing a vibrant immersive technology sector. It also emphasises the significance of collaboration across different stakeholder groups in fostering an effective talent development ecosystem. This collaboration will drive knowledge exchange, visibility for the sector, and partnerships between industry and academia, all of which are essential for innovation.”  

Which sectors are using immersive technology, what is the valuation of the Irish immersive technology sector, how many people does it employ, and what are the top applications of immersive technology? These are just some of the questions answered in the Irish Immersive Technology Strategy for Growth report. In publishing the report, the Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet in collaboration with Eirmersive, sought input from stakeholders across the Irish domestic ecosystem, including industry, government, large enterprise, SMEs, research, and education to reveal valuable and interesting insights as to the skills landscape of this sector, which is crucial to many sectors within the Irish economy. 

The full research report is available to view here.