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Immersive Technologies Skillnet in conjunction with Trinity College Dublin have collaborated on three micro-credential courses in Motion Picture Engineering, Spatial Audio and XR.

Micro-credentials certify the learning outcomes of short-term courses or training experiences, offering a flexible, targeted way to help people develop new skills and knowledge.

Shorter steps to lifelong learning

Offering a path to more substantial qualifications, the shorter training programmes and initiatives allow participants to maintain a work life balance while still engaging in lifelong learning.

Immersive Technologies Skillnet Network Manager Susan Talbot said: “Shorter upskilling workshops and continued professional development have been part of the landscape for quite some time. It is a next step to have that training recognised in a way that can be built upon to increase value.”

The Motion Picture Engineering micro-credential, commencing in January 2023, will support engineers in learning more about the design of systems that enable video streaming and cinema production platforms or those designing image enhancement technology or embarking on a graduate degree in video engineering.

“Computer generated imagery and animation processes have become so advanced that discerning what is real from what is generated is getting more difficult because of advancements in motion picture engineering,” said Talbot.

The Intro to XR addresses one of the skills gaps the sector is currently facing. It focuses on the development of interactive environments for virtual reality and augmented reality.

Spatial audio is a critical component of both gaming, and new mediums such as VR/AR require an immersive auditory experience.

Talbot pointed out that if there is a time for AR and VR to demonstrate where it has value, it is now. “In our recent Irish Immersive Economy Report it was noted that enterprise users of the technology have moved beyond exploratory and pilot use cases into broader deployments. Hybridisation of roles will be the new norm, requiring some knowledge of immersive tech – this micro-credential addresses this issue,” she added.

Supporting the growth of micro-credentials

With the potential to provide robust, accelerated and industry-based learning for employees, the launch of the new programmes marks a further step in Skillnet Ireland’s and Skillnet Business Networks’ support of the growth of micro-credentials in the workplace.

Skillnet Ireland’s Industry Insights series has published several research reports in the area. To learn more and to access reports, please click on the links below:

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