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14th OECD LEED Forum: Making all places resilient in the new world of work, Porto

Sep 17th, 2018

14th OECD LEED Forum: Making all places resilient in the new world of work, Porto

18-19 September 2018 Porto, Portugal

Skillnet Ireland Chief Executive Paul Healy will be speaking about SME innovation at the 14th OECD LEED Forum in Porto, Portugal next Wednesday 19 September. The theme of the 14th OECD LEED Forum concentrates on making all places resilient in the new world of work.

The world of work has changing with mega-trends such as digitalisation, automation and the changing employment models reshaping the way people live and work.  We know that some jobs will be different whilst others will cease to exist. However, the new world of work will also bring unprecedented opportunities to transform societies and promote inclusive growth.

Paul Healy, Chief Executive Skillnet Ireland understands how innovative learning and development solutions can help SMEs thrive in the face of an uncertain future: “the single greatest decision SMEs can make to future-proof their business is to invest in the upskilling of their teams. Skillnet Irelands enterprise-led model of Government subsidised training is a responsive and agile way to support businesses as they navigate the new world of work.”

The Forum will gather over 300 participants from the local, national and international levels, including politicians, mayors, business leaders, and government and non-profit-organisation leaders, to discuss:

  • Decent work in a digital world: what can be done locally?
  • Social innovation for more resilient economies, people and places.
  • How can we encourage SMEs to thrive in the new world of work?

The third edition of LEED Flagship publication Job Creation and Local Economic Development will be launched at the Forum.


Other Upcoming OECD Events

Skillnet Ireland Executive Director Dave Flynn will speak at an OECD learning and development workshop in Rome on 6 November, more details to follow soon.

The OECD LEED Forum is run in cooperation with the Northern Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR-N), the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP) and the City of Porto.

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