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Why Skills Connect?

Skills Connect facilitates the rapid reskilling of workers seeking re-entry into the workforce.

Skills Connect is designed in partnership with enterprise to enhance cross-sector employability and support people who have lost their jobs. It offers a suite of bespoke upskilling and training solutions, designed by enterprise, aimed at supporting re-entry into the workforce.

Skills Connect offers free online training programmes and enterprise-led virtual job placements to jobseekers looking for new jobs and careers. This valuable initiative offers individuals the opportunity to develop new skills or reskill, build confidence and access practical on-the-job training.

A number of our Skillnet Business Networks will deliver innovative programmes in a range of areas including medtech manufacturing, cyber security, wind energy, software programming, digital marketing, customer service and CX, and logistics and warehousing.

Our Networks are working with businesses to design Skills Connect programmes that meet the needs of both businesses and individuals.

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Skills Connect helps workers rapidly reskill and adapt to a changing business landscape.

Industry Partners

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What Does Skills Connect Offer?

Skills Connect programmes are designed to meet the needs of both businesses and individuals.

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For Individuals

Upskilling and reskilling are a vital part of an effective workforce, helping strengthen ongoing employability and career development. Skills Connect aims to equip you with the skills and confidence to avail of new job opportunities and adapt to the changing jobs market.

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For Business

Maintaining a highly skilled workforce is essential for our national competitiveness. Skills Connect aims to develop the skills and capacity of the workforce. Enabling businesses to address skills gaps and supporting the career development of people.

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Skills Connect

For Individuals

An Investment In Your Future

Have you found yourself out of work and need to develop your skills? Skills Connect has been specifically designed for you.

Skills Connect offers free, online training which will help you reskill and develop the skills that employers are looking for today. Together with our Skillnet Business Networks we offer innovative training and upskilling programmes, each offering practical work placements or projects.

Our skills conversion courses can help you develop the skills to explore a career in a sector with greater employment potential. Enhance your job prospects by refreshing your existing skill set and expertise and learn new skills.

Skills Connect Programmes are free for people who are seeking employment. Applicants must meet the Skills Connect eligibility criteria and meet the specific entry criteria for the relevant programme.

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Benefits for Individuals

Training Programmes

Take advantage of new job opportunities with a range of programmes designed with enterprise to assist you in developing new skills.

Structured Support

Career development support that offers new perspectives and approaches to expanding your career choices.

Practical Experience

Skills Connect includes practical industry-based placements and projects with employers which offer the opportunity to apply your new skills.
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Skills Connect

For Business

Accelerating Workforce Readiness

Through Skills Connect, Skillnet Business Networks are developing sector-specific responses to support the development of those who are seeking to upskill to re-enter the workforce.

Skills Connect will help address challenges facing enterprise and our workforce including; Brexit, the acceleration of digitalisation and supporting Ireland’s green economy. Skillnet Business Networks work in partnership with enterprise to design rapid upskilling supports to impacted workers.

A wide range of online Skills Connect programmes are being designed by Skillnet Business Networks to ensure that programmes offer relevant and targeted upskilling. Click here to view a showcase of our Network programmes. 

Skillnet Ireland and our 70+ Business Networks are continuously working with enterprise partners to ensure an extensive range of supports are in place to assist businesses and the workforce develop the skills needed for the future of work

Businesses that are interested in finding out more about Skillnet Ireland and/or participating in this initiative are requested to contact the most relevant Skillnet Business Network for their own sector or region. For a full list of our Networks click here.

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Benefits for Business

Enterprise-led Programmes

Skills Connect works with businesses to equip impacted workers with new skills that are transferrable across multiple sectors.

Supporting Ireland’s Workforce

Businesses can make a difference by supporting displaced workforce through practical industry-based placements.

Access to Talent and Future Skills

Skills Connect provides businesses with the talent and skills essential for future success.
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Next Steps

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Step 1: Discover

Visit Skillnet Business Network websites to view their upcoming Skills Connect programmes.

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Step 2: Apply

Apply directly to the relevant Skillnet Business Network for the programme that you are interested in.

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Step 3: Join

Successful applicants join the Skills Connect online programme and associated virtual work placement.

Comtrade Digital Services skills connect

The demand and growth in digital and technology skills requirements is accelerating faster than planned. New programmes, especially ones like the “Future in Tech” that are industry led, industry mentored and industry certified, provide a new pipeline of talented individuals who are immediately employable. This programme provides a unique opportunity for individuals to consider a career in technology, affording them extensive employment options across all sectors.

Dejan Cusic
Business Director Ireland, Comtrade Digital Services

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