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Developing exciting opportunities for more than 200 people who wish to start new careers in the technology sector

The demand and growth in digital and technology skills requirements is accelerating faster than planned. New programmes, especially ones like the “Future in Tech” that are industry led, industry mentored and industry certified, provide a new pipeline of talented individuals who are immediately employable. This programme provides a unique opportunity for individuals to consider a career in technology, affording them extensive employment options across all sectors.

Dejan Cusic, Business Director Ireland, Comtrade Digital Services


About the Programme

Through Skills Connect Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet will deliver Future in Tech, a national, industry-led conversion initiative that will create a pipeline of talent for a sector that continues to experience skills shortages, and presents exciting opportunities for more than 200 people who wish to start new careers in the technology sector.

Given the demand from multinational and indigenous technology companies, Future in Tech will focus on Cloud, IT Support, Network Administrator, Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity, Software Programming and Web Development skills. Against the backdrop of digital transformation, such skills are increasingly required across many industries in Ireland.

The initiative is comprised of seven skills pathways, with a primary focus on building critical technical knowledge. Programmes will be delivered via online instructor-led virtual classroom settings, with significant industry support including company-appointed mentors and virtual industry placements and projects; all of which will combine to help participants to embed the learning. The initiative will provide fast-track, high-quality programmes based on defined career pathways, incorporating industry-recognised certifications.

COVID-19 has created urgent pressure on companies to rethink skills needs, as business models change at a rapid pace. With Skills Connect, the initiative will help businesses to address these emerging needs, while providing people impacted by the crisis with in-demand skills to fill critical digital roles.


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