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Aligning business challenges with talent development solutions.

As the world of work continues to evolve, businesses need access to an agile, diverse, and talented workforce that is continuously acquiring and developing new skills. At Skillnet Ireland, we work closely with industry to create upskilling programmes which are both responsive to the needs of businesses and designed to develop this talent.

Industry-led, our initiatives address a broad range of talent challenges facing businesses and the workforce. Whether your goal is boosting competitiveness, productivity, or career mobility, find the right solution for you or your business today.

MentorsWork: Your pathway to business success

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"In order to survive and thrive during the pandemic, I had to quickly adjust my business model. My mentor was wonderful and guided and having the opportunity to discuss ideas and challenges with a fellow entrepreneur was invaluable."

Sonya Murphy-Lyons

Owner / Founder

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Business Networks: Transforming business through talent

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"Sourcing the right talent is a challenge. Our Skillnet Business Network helps us develop the highly skilled workforce we need."

Peter O'Kane

Engineering Manager

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Climate Ready: Equipping businesses for the Green Economy

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"As a co-operative owned Group, we pursue sustainability and social responsibility in everything we do. This programme allows us to further develop the skill sets of our people while also contributing to our commitment to national initiatives such as Origin Green."

Orla Hurley

Sustainability Officer

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Skills Connect: Reskilling through enterprise

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"Six months after starting the course I am now a Certified Digital Marketing Professional. I found the programme gave me a lot more confidence when it comes to putting yourself out there. The programme has been a great first step in my career."

Gillian O'Grady

Future in Tech Programme

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