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Sustainable HRM Skillnet and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) have unveiled a new Human Resource Management (HRM) framework which recognises the importance of sustainability in modern HR practices.  

The new ‘Sustainable People Practices Framework’, developed in collaboration with Clearstream Solutions and HR practitioners across various industries, aims to build new industry models that will inform business leaders across the economy to integrate environmental concerns and green actions into everyday people management solutions.  

Sustainable HRM Skillnet supports businesses in the Human Resources and Learning & Development sectors. The network’s mission is to educate businesses about how their practices and employment arrangements can be more sustainable, by enhancing specialised knowledge and skills, increasing access to skills development opportunities and encouraging ongoing professional development. 

The creation of a comprehensive sustainability guide for HR practitioners is seen as not just a step towards greater social impact and environmental stewardship but also a strategic business imperative. The ‘Sustainable People Practices’ guide underscores HR’s dual role in sustainability: namely, ownership and contribution.  

On one hand, HR departments are positioned to own the process of instilling sustainability into the core of their practices and processes – workforce management, employee value proposition, recruitment to wellbeing and training. On the other hand, they contribute significantly by influencing and aligning employee behaviours and values with the company’s sustainability goals through leadership development, performance management, and external engagement. This dual approach mean sustainability is not just an add-on, but a fundamental aspect of every employee’s work life. 

The new framework was introduced at Sustainable HRM Skillnet and CIPD’s Delivering the ‘S’ in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) seminar at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin, on November 14th. 

Delivering a  keynote address at the seminar, Brendan McGinty, Chairperson, Skillnet Ireland Board, said: “Through its close engagement with businesses across all sectors, I have no doubt the Sustainable HRM Skillnet in partnership with CIPD Ireland will continue developing and delivering a proactive and forward-thinking approach that is clearly focused on supporting organisations to evolve their sustainable people practices and thrive in changing work environments.  

“Initiatives like today and the new HRM Framework will help to build new industry models that will inform business leaders across the economy to integrate environmental concerns and sustainability into everyday people management practices.” 

The framework’s design means it can be adapted and applied across different sectors and company sizes, making it a valuable tool for HR practitioners in small, medium and large businesses.  

The guide aims to empower HR professionals to lead in making sustainability a core part of their company’s DNA, driving not only social, and environmental benefits but also enhancing their overall organisational brand value and employee engagement. 

Further information about the work of Sustainable HRM Skillnet and upcoming programmes are available online here

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