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A new Sustainable HRM Skillnet is being launched with CIPD Ireland to promote sustainability in people management at businesses across the country. The professional body for HR and people development announced the new Sustainable HRM Skillnet at an event at ESB’s headquarters in Dublin city centre this morning.

The goal of the Skillnet is to educate people professionals and business leaders about how their practices and employment arrangements can be more sustainable. A diverse group of organisations including ESB, Irish Rail, Davy, Kerry Group and Permanent TSB have already signed up to share their insights, expertise, and develop their sustainable people model.

Skillnet Ireland is a national business support agency that helps businesses of all sizes identify and develop the talent they need to succeed. It works with industry to create upskilling programmes which are responsive to business needs and designed to develop future-ready talent. It currently supports over 22,500 businesses around the country.

Director of CIPD Ireland, Mary Connaughton, believes the new Skillnet Network will be highly beneficial for the HR community: “We knew our members were keen to embrace sustainability but didn’t always know where to start. Bringing together the academic and industry insights through the Sustainable HRM Skillnet means companies will be better equipped to align their work with wider sustainable and responsible business practices, to attract, retain and develop their workforce, and to show current and future employees the purpose and sustainable nature of their employment. I’d like to thank Skillnet Ireland for supporting this initiative and I’m looking forward to working with them.”

Director of Policy & Communications at Skillnet Ireland, Tracey Donnery, welcomed this partnership with CIPD Ireland. “We are looking forward to partnering with CIPD Ireland in developing the Sustainable HRM Skillnet which will build new industry models to help business leaders across the economy to integrate environmental concerns and sustainability into everyday people management practices. Through its close engagement with industry Sustainable HRM Skillnet has developed a proactive and forward-thinking approach that is clearly focused on supporting organisations evolve their people practices and thrive in changing work environments.”

People professionals and business leaders are crucial for promoting sustainable practices at work, which can attract talent, boost engagement, reduce costs, and deliver corporate responsibility. It’s hoped this new sustainable HRM network will support collaboration in building knowledge, insights and skills to shift culture and implement sustainable people management practices.

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