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Green Tech Skillnet, in partnership with Skillnet Ireland, are supporting businesses to develop the skilled workforce needed to help Ireland reach its targets as set out in the Government’s Climate Action Plan.

Green Tech Skillnet is adopting the new Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Technician Entry Level Framework for its award-winning Wind Turbine Technician Programme. This programme offers entry-level wind technicians specialised training in the areas of Pre-Assembly, Installation or Operations & Maintenance (O & M) together with the adoption of a global set of standards for wind turbine technicians.

Mark Ruane, Network Manager, Green Tech Skillnet said: “Wind energy companies across Ireland are determined to deliver on the ambitious wind energy targets set out in Ireland’s 2023 Climate Action Plan. Our Wind Turbine Technician programme quickly upskills jobseekers with relevant experience for new roles within the wind industry. The GWO Entry Level Framework will support the work we have done in that programme and it provides a clear overview for participants to see what is required to develop new careers in this sector,” he added.

Internationally recognised qualifications for wind technicians

Aoife O’Sullivan, Head of Network Development and Innovation, Skillnet Ireland said: “Skillnet Ireland are working with enterprise to ensure that Ireland’s energy sector has a pipeline of people who are equipped with the skills the country needs to leverage renewable energy and develop the essential capabilities required to help meet Ireland’s Climate Action Plan targets. Having internationally recognised qualifications for the wind technician programmes is a great step forward.”

The Framework will make the transition easier for those who want to enter the wind industry and also clarify the entry level standard. The qualifications offer a clear pathway into the industry in terms of building, operating and maintaining wind farms.

Jakob Lau Holst, CEO of Global Wind Organisation welcomed the partnership with Wind Energy Ireland and Green Tech Skillnet. “We know that many people in Ireland see renewables as the future. As the industry body responsible for workforce safety training, GWO is partnering with Wind Energy Ireland and Green Tech Skillnet to roll out the Entry Level Framework as part of their Skills Connect programme.”

“This qualifies participants to enter the wind industry and have a clear career path provided through the Wind Turbine Technician Training programme. GWO certified training centres provide internationally recognised qualifications that are already endorsed and accredited by employers across the wind industry,” he added.

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