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CPA Ireland Skillnet has launched a revolutionary new programme that harnesses the power of Virtual Reality (VR) for upskilling in the accounting and financial services sector. 

The new CPA Metaverse programme, a first of its kind in Ireland, has been developed by CPA Ireland in conjunction with Skillnet Ireland and Sia Partners.  

CPA Ireland Skillnet supports businesses of all sizes across Ireland’s dynamic and highly competitive accounting and financial services sector. The national network’s mission is to enable businesses to grow sustainably and navigate current and future challenges through the provision of bespoke talent development programmes, including accounting, legal and taxation training.   

Welcoming the new programme, Dave Flynn, Skillnet Ireland Director of Business Networks, said: “Like many industries, digitalisation is reshaping the accounting and financial services sector. The CPA Ireland Skillnet Metaverse programme is responding to industry needs, by upskilling participants and providing them with opportunities to put new digital skills and sophisticated tools into practice, in an immersive virtual setting.” 

By providing learners with a realistic learning experience, this course not only compresses the time it takes for course participants to understand the content, it also increases their self-belief and makes abstract concepts more concrete.  

The programme focusses on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and once learners have studied the theoretical content, they can enter the virtual world to apply what they have learned. 

Throughout the course, participants learn the principles of RPA and the process of RPA optimisation. Leaners also receive upskilling on data processing tools, including Python Excel and Microsoft Power Automate. 

The CPA Metaverse programme was officially launched at the CPA Ireland President’s Dinner. Speaking at the event, Mark Gargan, CPA Ireland President, said: “Accounting in the modern era is becoming an increasingly digital profession. Accountancy is evolving at an incredible pace and training needs to be able to match that pace preparing the next generation of accountants to operate in the world accountancy now occupies. 

“Accountancy also faces a global skills shortage often driven by a misperception about the nature of the job it entails. By delivering unique and innovative training experiences we hope to encourage more people to become involved in accountancy.” 

Further details about the programme are available on the CPA Ireland Skillnet website

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