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Jim Breslin, Chair of the Housing for All Industry Capability Group and Secretary General Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, is launching the Construction Professionals Skillnet series of videos on “What is Modern Methods of Construction(MMC)?” with PJ Rudden, Chairman of Construction Sector Innovation and Digital Adoption at Dept of Public Expenditure, NDP Delivery and Reform.

Jim Breslin welcomed the release of these videos, saying “these videos are valuable in underpinning the capability of all to move towards the implementation of MMC. This includes funders, financiers, insurance providers, state agencies, Office of Government Procurement, regulatory officials as well as the clients, designers and those involved in the actual production of housing.”

Dave Flynn, Director of Business Networks, Skillnet Ireland, said: “Skillnet Ireland, is focused on developing talent across all sectors, in companies of all sizes to allow Ireland to continue to maintain its competitive edge. It is vital that we have a strong skills pipeline in the construction sector to support the wider adoption of modern methods of construction. These videos can help build the foundation of understanding that is needed in the sector, to accelerate the adoption of innovative practices that are needed in construction to enable the country to meet its housing needs.”.

Tom Parlon, Director General, CIF, also welcomed the addition of the videos to the resources offered to the industry, saying that “CIF is delighted to continue to be supportive of the sector in its move to innovation through providing accessible information and industry knowledge to the benefit of all.”

Following the publication of Modern Methods of Construction: Defining MMC Business in April 2022, further research was done on the detail behind the key future workforce requirements. MMC Understanding had been identified as a fundamental requirement in April 2022. During the further research, it was identified that there was a large cohort that need to have a basic understanding of what MMC is and its benefits. It was decided that bite sized videos would be an effective way of getting this information across.

This series of short videos are the result. The nine videos cover:

  • Introduction to MMC
  • Business Model of MMC
  • The Benefits of MMC
  • Introduction to DfMA
  • Planning for Production
  • Roles and Responsibilities in MMC
  • Risks of MMC
  • The Importance of Interfaces
  • MMC Case Studies

The videos are available here for viewing.

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