MentorsWork: Free Mentoring Programme for Irish SMEs

Apr 9th, 2020

MentorsWork is a free, enterprise-driven programme, which will connect business owners and managers all around Ireland with experienced and skilled mentors to address specific business issues on a one-to-one basis.

The initiative was launched today by the Small Firms Association (SFA), supported by Skillnet Ireland, and is aimed at guiding Irish SMEs through their current business challenges. This new virtual mentoring programme is designed as ‘bootcamp mentoring’ specifically to tackle ‘right now’ issues companies are facing, particularly as a result of Covid-19.

Among the key business topics companies can seek mentoring support for are strategy, operations, commercial and financial analysis, change management, people management, product review and business development.

Launching MentorsWork, Sven Spollen-Behrens, Director, SFA said: “This is an enterprise-driven initiative, which is being led by the SFA with support from Skillnet Ireland. It was designed, in consultation with Irish businesses, to meet the needs of SMEs at this challenging time. With so much business uncertainty at the moment, it is positive that the SFA and Skillnet Ireland have partnered to leverage our connections with over 100 mentors.

“Our Mentors have extensive experience in formulating action plans to guide and support SMEs through challenges such as business restructuring, restricted transactions, financial concerns, job losses, business re-adaptation and new guidelines on health and safety, among other things. I would encourage SMEs to sign up and avail of this opportunity to seek sound advice, free of charge, to help navigate their immediate business challenges.”

MentorsWork is open to SMEs operating across Ireland in all sectors across the economy including: retail, hospitality, food & drink, media & audio-visual, manufacturing, services, construction, agriculture and many more.  Businesses will be matched with one of over 100 expert industry mentors.

MentorsWork is available to private sector businesses with 250 employees or less that have been impacted by the current crisis. As demand is expected to be high, places will be made available to eligible businesses that register on a first-come first-served basis.

Business owners can apply to participate in MentorsWork at

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