Financial Information


Skillnet Ireland’s financial statements are published within its Annual Reports.


Board Member remuneration

Board member remuneration is aligned with Category 3 Chairperson/ Directors fees (non-commercial state bodies)


Payment for goods and services in excess of €20k.

This information is published quarterly in arrears and can be downloaded in pdf format below.

Q4 2023(.pdf)
Q3 2023(.pdf)
Q2 2023(.pdf)
Q1 2023(.pdf)
Q4 2022 (.pdf)
Q3 2022 (.pdf)
Q2 2022 (.pdf)
Q1 2022 (.pdf)
Q4 2021 (.pdf)
Q3 2021 (.pdf)
Q2 2021 (.pdf)
Q1 2021 (.pdf)
Q4 2020 (.pdf)
Q3 2020 (.pdf)
Q2 2020 (.pdf)
Q1 2020 (.pdf)
Q4 2019 (.pdf)
Q3 2019 (.pdf)
Q2 2019 (.pdf)
Q1 2019 (.pdf)
Q4 2018 (.pdf)
Q3 2018 (.pdf)
Q2 2018 (.pdf)
Q1 2018 (.pdf)
Q4 2017 (.pdf)
Q3 2017 (.pdf)
Q2 2017 (.pdf)
Q1 2017 (.pdf)

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