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The world of work is changing rapidly. We all need to develop new skills and competencies throughout our careers.

Develop the skills for success

Talent Matters:
Develop the skills for success

Our Skillnet Business Networks and dedicated programmes can help you develop the skills needed by businesses today.

A rapidly changing workplace means it's more important than ever to develop new skills. Whether you're interested in microcredentials or the highest industry-recognised qualifications, we can support you on that journey. Skillnet Ireland provides a wide range of talent development solutions for employees through our Skillnet Business Networks.

Explore our Networks and discover how we can help you to grow your career.

A business support agency of the Government of Ireland, Skillnet Ireland has successfully partnered with industry for more than 20 years to create upskilling programmes that are cutting-edge and meet business needs. We're experts at designing high-impact talent solutions for Ireland's businesses and workforce.

Through our 70+ Skillnet Business Networks, we offer a wide range of subsidised upskilling solutions to help you develop the skills and capabilities you need to develop your career.

To deliver the best results, we do things differently

Develop skills that are in-demand

The business environment and the skills needed for success are constantly evolving. We partner with every sector and region to understand their talent needs and to craft the right responses - ensuring you develop the skills in-demand by businesses today.

Learning to suit every schedule

Developing new skills can take many forms. We help more than 86,000 individuals each year find the talent pathway that's right for them - whether that's bitesized learning through microcredentials or Masters level programmes with the leading third level institutes.

Every sector, every region

With 70+ Skillnet Business Networks, we partner with businesses in every sector and region throughout Ireland. So regardless of the sector you're in or the skills you're interested in acquiring, we can provider your employer a cost-effective, innovative solution.

Built on collaboration

All our programmes are built in collaboration with real companies, business, state agencies and industry leaders. This practical focus accelerates learning and success, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

Targeted talent solutions designed
to develop Ireland's highly skilled workforce

Our 70+ Skillnet Business Networks and talent development initiatives provide upskilling to 86,000 people in more than 22,500 companies of all sizes each year.

Discover how our Networks can help you develop your skills across a wide range of areas from management development to highly specialist skills across most sectors and all regions.

Making it easier for you to connect with business and grow your career.

Explore ways to
learn and develop
your career

Through our Skillnet Business Networks and initiatives, we offer access to a wide variety of learning and development opportunities to private sector businesses for their employees. Places on our subsidised programmes for individuals can be booked by their employer with the relevant Skillnet Business Network.

Specialist Upskilling

Specialist Upskilling

Gain in-demand skills from different sectors through our subsidised training and talent initiatives.

Management Development

Management Development

Our Networks offer leadership and management development programmes to help you become a better leader.

Industry Qualifications

Industry Qualifications

Many of our programmes offer academic accreditation and industry recognition from micro credentials to CPD programmes.

Networking & Peer Learning

Networking & Peer Learning

Join industry peers at our upskiling programmes and benefit from the shared experiences, knowledge and networking.

Career Progression

Career Progression

Progress your career by developing your expertise through new talent development opportunities.

Industry Insights

Industry Insights

Our Industry Insights research series offers many insights into the talent and skills needs for the future world of work.

Helping employees in Ireland to be the
best they can be, through innovative and
enterprise-driven people development.

Creating targeted programmes
to develop the skills you need for the future world of work.

At Skillnet Ireland, we're helping businesses and the workforce tackle what really matters. We are developing talent development programmes to build the skills and expertise to tackle the impacts of digitalisation, the increasing impact of climate action, and to strengthen leadership and management skills for business of all sizes from SMEs to multinationals.

Think Digital. Think Talent.

The opportunities in digital grow each day. Skillnet Business Networks can support you to develop the digital skills you need for your career – from digital marketing skills to a wide range of specialised technology skills such as artificial intelligence, cyber security or fintech.

Digital Transformation

Think Climate. Think Talent.

Climate change is bringing a need for many new skills. Skillnet Business Networks and the Climate Ready Academy can support you to develop the climate readiness skills you need for your career – from energy management, wind energy, and organic farming to sustainable finance plus much more.

Climate Readiness

Think Innovation. Think Talent.

Business competitiveness demands a highly skilled and motivated team with a growth mindset. We work with companies in Ireland in understanding the changing skills landscape and creating bespoke strategic talent programmes – to help your workforce build the skills to innovate and to design products, processes and ways of working.

Growth Mindset

Think Leadership. Think Talent.

Effective leadership is vital for every business. Our Skillnet Business Networks offer many leadership and management development programmes to help you understand and develop the leadership capabilities you need.

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Leadership Development

Medical Technology and Regulatory Affairs

Breda Kearney

"The Masters in Medical Technology Regulatory Affairs provided me with the skills and confidence to prepare and defend a global regulatory strategy for any device, irrespective of its risk classification or complexity."

Breda Kearney

Quality Officer

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Future in Tech

"This programme has assisted me in mastering the critical web development skills that will enable me to advance to the next level and excel in the future."

Sergejs Jersobvs

Platform Support Associate

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