Supporting Irish Businesses
to become Climate Ready

The impacts of climate change are becoming ever clearer, both in Ireland and around the world. No matter the region or industry, now is the time to take action.

Climate changes and compliance will impact businesses in Ireland. Equip your business and your team with decisive and sustainable actions in order to be Climate Ready now. Businesses that proactively address environmental challenges such as climate change will safeguard our natural resources and environment while driving lasting competitive advantage.

Climate Ready offers leadership and skills support for enterprises who want to develop their operational and strategic sustainability.

How We Help

Growing green talent for the transition to a low-carbon economy

by developing the sustainability skills of Ireland’s workforce

Supporting businesses to build a culture of sustainability

through specialised learning supports for business leaders

Advancing understanding on the climate agenda

through industry insights and shared knowledge

Is Your Business
Climate Ready?

Why Climate Ready?

Climate change will have a significant impact on all business in the near future. Preparing for this change is critical – but knowing where to start on that journey can also be challenging. Climate Ready will support businesses in taking the first steps towards a sustainable future by offering practical solutions with expert guidance specific to their needs.

Climate Ready is designed by industry for industry. As sectors of the economy transition to low-carbon models, the demands for new innovation, enterprises, and talent will increase. By collaborating with industries at the forefront of this challenge, Climate Ready delivers agile and responsive solutions that meet these evolving demands.

Climate Ready will support over 1,000 businesses and 3,000 employees in 2021. Climate Ready offers a wide range of innovative programmes and supports for businesses through the Climate Ready Academy and Climate Ready Cluster. Programmes are fully-funded or offered at a subsidised cost for Irish businesses and employees in the private sector.

Climate Ready is brought to you by Skillnet Ireland in partnership with:


“The current decade will be the most decisive of our time. How we act to confront the climate challenge will not only determine the future of our economy and society – it will shape the future of our planet.”

Paul Healy
Chief Executive, Skillnet Ireland

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