Climate Ready Priorities

Climate change is a challenge for the present. Businesses and industry sectors have an opportunity to raise the bar on current best practice so that it no longer remains our biggest challenge for the future.


Ireland has great potential to adapt to climate change and transition to a low carbon future, but green-thinking and knowledge of best practices in sustainability for businesses are vital. Climate Ready Insights aims to advance the thinking of businesses and promote sustainability leadership.


Sector specific research carried out by Skillnet Business Networks in partnership with industry are defining skills needs across green sectors and driving investment in talent. Climate Ready Insights will broaden the scope of sector-focused research driven by industry to deliver on talent demands.


Becoming Climate Ready can help businesses save costs, mitigate disruption risks, gain competitive advantage, and boost their reputation. Climate Ready Insights will explore the transformational journey of businesses and the positive impact of introducing sustainable practices.


Linking Climate Knowledge with
Business Thinking

Businesses and workplaces will play a pivotal role in leading Ireland’s green transition. Climate Ready Insights promotes best practice across the business community through shared knowledge and industry-led research to help companies and the workforce get ahead of the curve.

Tracey Donnery
Director of Policy & Communications

Reports and Published Strategies

Skillnet Ireland and ESRI

Talent for Ireland’s Green Economy 2022

Green Tech Skillnet

Hydrogen and Wind Energy: The role of green hydrogen in Ireland’s energy transition

Sustainable Finance Ireland

Ireland’s Sustainable Finance Roadmap


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