"Being a member of the Aviation Skillnet Network allows our company to access subsidised training. This has helped reduce our training budget costs and retain our staff."

David Ward, Business Development Specialist in Aviation, Lufthansa Technik Shannon


Benefits of Joining Aviation Skillnet



  • To identify and address staff skills needs and staff shortages
  • Reduce overall training costs
  • Ensure staff retention



Prior to joining the Aviation Skillnet, Lufthansa Technik Shannon was already training technicians on-site through their Aviation Training School. However, certain courses were not available or could not be delivered due to costs or lack of expertise. For technicians to access this specialised training they had to leave the country, which brought high costs for the company.

The Aviation Skillnet has been vital in creating the all-important link between industry and education and helping to fund these necessary courses and get them off the ground. Educational institutions in Ireland, such as University of Limerick and Limerick IT, have now significantly increased both the quality and quantity of aviation courses they offer and can, most importantly, deliver these specialised courses locally.

According to David Ward, Business Development Specialist in Aviation at Lufthansa Technik Shannon, “You’re killing two birds with one stone. The individual employee is benefiting through access to these subsidised-courses they would otherwise not be able to attend, while the company is benefiting as they are getting a return on what they have put into the National Training Fund. Everyone is a winner.”

Since joining the Aviation Skillnet, Lufthansa Technik Shannon, and specifically their Aviation Training School, have had a partner that listened to their training needs, understood their current and future skill shortages, and supported them by organising training courses which address their key challenges.

Additionally, being part of the Aviation Skillnet has enabled Lufthansa Technik Shannon to get assistance through a number of different means such as networking opportunities with local businesses and sharing of knowledge, ideas, advice and best practice. This has allowed them to address both technical and non-technical skills needs and to respond more effectively to the specific skills needs of their business.



  • Successfully addressed both technical and non-technical skills needs
  • Training budget has been reduced
  • Higher success rate of retaining staff

David recognises the full value of what a Skillnet Business Network can offer a company in such a specialised sector: “As we all contribute towards the National Training Fund, being part of the Skillnet allows our company to get some of that back in the form of subsidised training. This has helped to reduce our training budget cost, to retain our staff and to give them access to courses that ordinarily they might not have had the chance to take part in. This is good for our staff and good for Lufthansa Technik Shannon.”

Lufthansa Technik Shannon logo

Company Background

Lufthansa Technik Shannon, formerly Shannon Aerospace Ltd. (SAL), spezializes in the overhaul of short- and medium-range aircraft. With 32,000 square meters of facilities at Shannon Airport in Western Ireland, the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) company provides services to over 50 airlines and employs a workforce of more than 500. Lufthansa Technik Shannon Aviation Training School, located in the maintenance facility, is an approved EASA Part 147 training school founded in 1990, with over 28 years training experience in EASA aircraft maintenance training programmes. They have trained over 2500 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers since 1990. Lufthansa Technik Shannon Aviation Training is the holder of the inaugural Irish Aviation Authority Aviation Training Award.



About the Network

Aviation Skillnet is a business network for companies of all sizes in the aviation and aerospace sector. Network companies work collaboratively to share best practice and to respond effectively to the specific skills needs of the sector. The network addresses both technical and non-technical skills needs.


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