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Why apply to set up a Learning Network in your sector or region?


your business and other businesses in your sector or region to grow and to stay competitive.


from a wide range of relevant and cost-effective subsidised training, delivered by expert trainers.


to the development and growth of skills and job sustainability in your sector or region.

Setting up a Skillnet Learning Network

What businesses are eligible to set up a Skillnet network?


Eligible Applicants must be an industry federation, industry body or other private sector enterprise group based in the Republic of Ireland. Enterprises within the network can be of any size, including sole traders. (Public/voluntary sector entities are ineligible)


How is a Skillnet Learning Network structured?


A Skillnet Network is a collection of private-sector businesses that collaborate to address skills needs within their sector or region or a combination of both. Each Skillnet Network is led by a voluntary Steering Group of industry representatives that focus on setting the strategic direction of the Learning Network. Network member businesses span the full range of private sector industry sectors and can be enterprises of any size.

Further information on the network structure and funding model is available by contacting a Skillnet Ireland Advisor.


How can we apply for funding to develop a new Skillnet Learning Network?


Enterprise Groups need to present a strong business case to Skillnet Ireland on the challenges and opportunities within the relevant sector/region and both the current and future skills required to address such needs. Each applicant needs to outline how the proposal is aligned to national skills policy for the relevant sector or region.

Application details for the next Call for Proposals will be announced in Q2 2020


What supports are available to applicants?


Skillnet Ireland have a support team in place to assist interested applicants in preparing their application for submission. Please email or contact us on 01-207 9630 and a one-to-one meeting can be arranged with a member of the Skillnet Ireland support team.


How can I find out more?


To find out more about how your sector or region could benefit from establishing a new Skillnet Learning Network, you can speak to a Skillnet Ireland Advisor by emailing or by calling (0)1 207 9630.

Application details for the next Call for Proposals will be announced in Q2 2020


If you are interested in accessing funding for training for yourself or your company now, please contact one of our 70 Networks directly.



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Any enterprise groups seeking funding to establish a new Skillnet Network, please contact us at 01-207 9630, email or use the Enquiry Form below

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