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Our Strategy


During the period June 11 to August 6, Skillnet Ireland invited all our stakeholders and members of the public to input to the development of our strategy. Strategy 2020-2024 will not only support future economic development but will bring real results to employees and enterprise at regional and sectoral level, building on the progress achieved under our strategy for 2016-2019. We are now in the process of reviewing all submissions. To learn more about this, please click here.


Statement of Strategy 2016-2019

Skillnet Ireland’s Statement of Strategy 2016–2019, launched by Minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton TD, reflects the skill needs of industry, as articulated by enterprises during the broad consultation process that underpinned the development of the strategy.

The strategy contains ambitious actions designed to enable Skillnet Ireland make the optimum contribution to the national skills agenda. The strategy is also aligned with objectives highlighted in Ireland’s National Skills Strategy 2025 and with other relevant sectoral and regional policies.

Skillnet Ireland is driven by three strategic goals that take into consideration our funding position, the skills needs of enterprise and the broad economic context. These can be summarised as;


Supplying Future Skills
Specific Skills, New Skills, Meeting Enterprise Talent Needs

Model of Training Excellence
Effectiveness, Impact, Relevance

Increasing Employer Participation
Sustaining Competitiveness, Workforce Development, Lifelong Learning


Skillnet Ireland will play a central role in maintaining a supply of the specific skills and future skills that impact the growth potential and competitiveness of enterprise. We will promote continuous improvement in the learning experiences provided to businesses through our funded networks and will be a model for training excellence in an enterprise context.

Skillnet Ireland Statement of Strategy 2016 – 2019 (summary) is available to view here.
Skillnet Ireland Statement of Strategy 2016 – 2019 is available to view here. 


“In developing our new strategy, we engaged with enterprise to sense-check our approach in supporting enterprise-led training. What came back was a strong endorsement of what we do and why we do it. Our model is embedded in enterprise and we are flexible in our approach to enterprise-led training. We can move quickly to address skills needs across Irish business and respond to these ever-changing demands.”

Brendan McGinty, Skillnet Ireland Chairperson


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