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Skillnet Ireland funds over 57 enterprise and employee representative bodies across a broad range of sectors supporting over 70 Skillnet Business Networks. Working together, we drive excellence in learning and development for the workplace of today and tomorrow. We also play a key role in regional skills development through several regionally based Skillnet Business Networks.

Some of our industry partners include IBEC, Chambers Ireland, CIF, IFA, IITD, Law Society of Ireland, ISME, CPA, ICBE, Technology Ireland, Irish Medtech Association and Retail Ireland.

Skillnet Ireland is ambitious for businesses in Ireland. Through collaborating, businesses can accelerate learning and develop their competitive advantage. We have an engaging approach to drive industry and employer participation. Together we will develop the workforce that will drive Ireland’s future economic development.


“Skillnet Ireland plays a critical role in maintaining a supply of the specific and future skills that impact on the growth potential of Irish firms. By working on the ground with our industry partners, we are exceptionally well placed with the intelligence and insights to ensure training interventions are relevant to the needs of enterprise and are of a high standard. Through collaboration, our industry partners and businesses across the economy can accelerate learning and develop their competitive advantage.”

Paul Healy, Chief Executive, Skillnet Ireland



Skillnet Ireland Industry Partners include:

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