REBOOT SKILLS – Rebooting Manufacturing Industry with Digitalisation Skills Development

REBOOT SKILLS enables workers in the manufacturing sector to access advanced digital upskilling opportunities to keep pace with the latest developments in Cybersecurity, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). The project brings together a novel mix of EU education providers and professional organisations to deliver a bespoke upskilling model of advanced digital skills-based training.

Developments in key and emerging technologies are changing the way we define digital skills and the extent to which we depend on technology. The COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted the existing shortage of digital experts in Europe. 53% of companies trying to recruit ICT specialists find it difficult while only 65% have digital skills which are “above basic”. Europe has a significant and systemic gap between market needs and what is offered in terms of skills related to advanced digital technologies.

REBOOT SKILLS will create a sustainable and collaborative training offering serving the digitalisation needs of SMEs operating in key capacity areas. It will facilitate access for SMEs owners, managers and employees to premium digital training that is easily afforded in a multi-site setting. REBOOT SKILLS also aims to increase the number of women and men able to design, develop and deploy digital solutions in the manufacturing industry.

The Digital Europe Programme supports strategic projects to answer these challenges and supports the development of a skilled talent pool of European digital experts.The programme encourages cooperation between higher education, research and businesses and is developed to attract and create a strong digital talent pipeline, throughout Europe

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