About Skillnet Ireland

Skillnet Ireland actively supports and works with businesses in Ireland to address their current and future skills needs.

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Funding for Upskilling

We allocate funding to Skillnet Business Networks, which are groups of businesses within the same industry sector or region with similar training needs, so they can receive subsidised training.

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2021 - 2025

At Skillnet Ireland we are building a world class enterprise-led organisation to help prepare businesses and workers for the future of work. We will transform business through talent and innovation. We are ambitious for Ireland. We are ambitious for Irish business.

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Our Support for SMEs

Our business is to ensure that your business has the skills it needs to thrive. We facilitate participation in SME enterprise training and workforce learning, how can we help you?

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Our Skillnet Business Networks

Our nationwide Business Networks assist businesses to identify the skills needed to develop their businesses. The design, sourcing and delivery of training is coordinated by the Networks themselves.

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Our Industry Partners

We encourage enterprise to lead the process for training, this helps ensure that programmes delivered through Skillnet Ireland and our nationwide Business Networks are highly relevant to industry needs.

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Setting up a new Network

Skillnet Ireland wants to hear from groups of private sector enterprises that are interested in setting up new Skillnet Business Networks.

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Career Development through Skillnet Ireland

Training and upskilling significantly enhances the career mobility of the workforce. Training is open to management and employees of businesses who become members of a Skillnet Network.

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Our Impact

Explore our Case Studies below to discover the powerful impact of Skillnet training on businesses across Ireland.

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