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XLVets Skillnet launch the Agri-Academy at Farmex

Oct 25th, 2018

XL Vets Skillnet launch Agri-Academy at Farmex


XLVets Skillnet launched the Agri-Academy – an online learning network for farmers – at the Farmex show in Cillin Hill on Friday 12th October.

The delivery of relevant, practical and accessible training to farmers online via the Agri-Academy by XL Vets Skillnet, funded by Skillnet Ireland, will have a positive impact on farmers as the new generation of farmers learn differently to previous generations. Research on Generation Z learning preferences consistently finds that the process of knowledge acquisition is secondary to quickly accessing answers on the go. We are moving towards ever closer integration between technology and humans – where there is a preferred behaviour pattern of constructing solutions to problems in real time as opposed to waiting to be instructed.


What is the Agri-Academy about?

Farmers are no different and the founders of the Agri-Academy are quietly celebrating the chorus of approval and interest that has greeted their initiative.  XLVets Skillnet members, Donal Lynch from Tullamore and Conor Geraghty from Mountbellew, Co. Galway – both vets and suckler farmers themselves – identified a social and professional ‘lack’ in their own online experience and realised that thousands of farmers must be experiencing similar frustrations.  “We set out to create and design a platform that seems set – based on the initial response – to become a really fantastic and vibrant resource and tool for farmers.  Agri Academy is the answer and we’re delighted and very encouraged with the response,” says Lynch.

For the launch, Agri-Academy created two programmes – one on pneumonia management and the second on the essentials of good medicine management on the farm. The vision is that the Agri-Academy will become a platform that hosts management tools and development programs relevant to all farming sectors and businesses. Lynch notes “We want that friendly and personable dimension but we also want Agri-Academy to be the go-to place for on-farm queries and providing on-line advice that will give farmers on-the-money solutions.” Donal continued by emphasising “Agri-Academy comes at all these issues from the farmer’s corner and we do that unashamedly”.

We know that the single most important component in successful enterprises is the development of good habits. “Agri-Academy is for farmers who want to develop the good habits that will make them commercially successful for having access to the full range of solutions and choice”, explained Conor.

There are 139,600 farms in Ireland, the Agri-Academy operates on the principle that they have certain essentials in common that makes it important for them to get onto the same page regarding access to advice and learning. Agri-Academy is about creating a knowledge pool where farmers can come to find the answers they need when they need them. Read the full press release over on That’s Farming website.

Visit the XLVets Skillnet website for more information.


XLVets Skillnet is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and member companies. Skillnet Ireland is funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

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