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Apr 27th, 2020

Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet are hosting online learning webinars every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday encompassing key topics like Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity and Business Insights which is part of their already commenced “Lockdown Your Learning Webinar Series”. This series offers a great opportunity for businesses to listen to and engage with key domain experts to inform them during this unique period.

Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet are also facilitating, in conjunction with Cyber Ireland, a series of Capture the Flag events. These events will suit all calibre of individuals regardless of their cyber capabilities, and in the current environment will be of immense benefit in evaluating cyber competencies and the potential for a cyber job role.

Speaking about the series of webinars and cyber events, Technology ICT Skillnet Network Manager Dave Feenan highlights,“Central to the core of Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet, is providing unique access to industry-led programmes and domain expertise for the development of technology skills and competencies within organisations.  In the current environment it is essential that we continue to assist in the nurturing of new ideations, methodologies and transformational insights especially as we face a new future of work post COVID-19.  This series of webinars and cyber events affords all sectors of industry the ability to horizon scan within their own business models and to proactively build those competencies, resilience and continuity in a safe and secure way”. 

To find out more about the various online webinars and cyber events from Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet continue reading below.


Digital Transformation Tuesdays


Recently, Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet partnered with Niall McKeown of Ionology to bring you a series of five one hour webinars every Tuesday, aptly named Digital Transformation Tuesdays. This free series is designed to illustrate that it is you – the leader, manager or decision maker that must stand front and centre in your digital transformation journey. This series will equip you with the top 10 best practices in Digital Transformation and help make sense of the steps you need to take to truly transform. Niall is a world recognised digital transformation champion and his frameworks are assisting global organisations to digitally transform.


Cyber Tech Fortnight


The Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet bi-weekly webinar series Cyber Tech Fortnight started earlier this month. You can join the team and their expert guest speakers, who will discuss various topics around Cyber Security and provide insights on best practices to industry and the wider community throughout Ireland. Each webinar is 45 minutes in duration and will be hosted on Wednesdays at 2pm every fortnight.


Capture the Flag (CTF)


The upcoming free online Capture The Flag Cybersecurity (CTF) Training Events from Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet and Cyber Ireland is ideal for anyone thinking of pursuing a career in Cybersecurity.

CTF events offer a unique, fun and engaging way to learn cybersecurity concepts and gain new skills. Regardless of your background or skillset, CTFs are suitable for all ability levels. If you know how to open a web browser then you’re ready to take part in your first CTF event. If you enjoy solving puzzles, want to learn a little about cyber security or just want to challenge yourself, now is time to take part in these events. The first CTF event took place this week (Wednesday 29th of April) and will take place fortnightly every Wednesday.


Lockdown your Learnings Webinars


Every Thursday for the months of April and May Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet will hold 45-minute Lockdown your Learnings webinars that cover a multitude of business topics with special guest speakers. During this time Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet are keen to help you stay up to date, feel connected and make best use of this remote working lifestyle we’ve all had to adapt to. If you have missed any previous webinars you can visit the Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet YouTube channel to check out their suite of content.


To find out more about future trends, innovation, remote working and how the current crisis will impact our future, we recently spoke with  Lockdown your Learnings Webinar guest speaker, technology evangelist Clare Dillon. Read our short interview with Clare to gain more insights into the future world of work and the challenges that lie ahead.

Many of our 70 Skillnet Networks are facilitating online webinars and programmes to support businesses during this time. Read our latest article which highlights some of these online programmes and visit our Networks page to find a suitable Network to support your business.

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