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Technology Ireland Software Skillnet launch Postgraduate Diploma in UX Design

Jan 30th, 2018

There has been a growing demand in recent years from enterprise for people with specialised competency in UX (user experience) design.  The Technology Ireland Software Skillnet Postgraduate Diploma in UX Design aims to produce skilled and knowledgeable UX designers to fill the software industry’s skills gap in this area into the future.

Enterprise involvement and collaboration were key to the development of the programme. The diploma was designed through a collaboration between companies in the Technology Ireland Software Skillnet and the Irish Software Association (ISA), and Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), a leading higher educational institute in the area of design and technology. Technology Ireland Software Skillnet was funded to develop this suite of UX programmes through Skillnet Ireland’s Future Skills Needs Programme.

Fred Raguillat, Head of IBM Studios Dublin, was a member of the UX Skills working group along with representatives from other companies such as SAP, Fineos, Ericsson, Sysnet GS, Decare, and Fenergo. At the launch he stated,

“Our working group was established to design innovative professional UX Design programmes for the software sector. Without the collaborative partnership and combined effort of the involved companies and the Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) in examining our future skills needs, the new Technology Ireland Software Skillnet courses would not have the same impact or add such excellent value as they now do.”

The Postgraduate Diploma in UX Design provides professionals working in companies across the software and technology sector with an advanced qualification in UX design through a series of practical, project-oriented modules. The modules are delivered on a part-time basis and the areas covered are Fundamentals of User Experience Design; User Research and Interaction Design; Psychology, Usability and Visual Design; and UX Design Engineering and Strategy.

The curriculum has been tailored to industry needs and designed to allow students to apply the skills and knowledge they learn as they progress with their studies, with real-world projects that are expected to deliver real business benefits.

Click here to discover more about the Technology Ireland Software Skillnet.

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