Future Works - Skillnet Ireland Inaugural National Summit

Spotlight on Future of Work at Skillnet Ireland Inaugural National Summit

Sep 26th, 2019

L-R: Paul Healy, Skillnet Ireland Chief Executive; Tracey Donnery, Skillnet Ireland Executive Director; Brendan McGinty, Skillnet Ireland Chairperson and Alison Comyn, host of The Future Works Summit.

‘The Future Works Summit’, a national event focussed on the changing world of work and workforce development will take place today in the Clayton Hotel, Dublin 4.

The event is Skillnet Ireland’s inaugural national summit and will see over 300 business leaders and policymakers from across the country gather to hear from top international speakers and industry experts. Delegates will hear about the key factors shaping Ireland’s workforce and will learn how they can prepare their teams for the future world of work.

Ahead of the event Brendan McGinty, Skillnet Ireland Chairperson said,

“The technological disruption that we see today is unprecedented in human history. It is transforming the workplace and is fundamentally changing how we work. Yes, tasks will be displaced, and some jobs will disappear entirely. But the digital transformation will also unlock enormous pent-up potential within our businesses, bringing with it growth and creating new jobs, many of which don’t exist in 2019.

This event marks Skillnet Ireland’s inaugural annual summit where we will distil and disseminate the very best insights, and global thought leadership, to an Irish business audience.”

A recent in-depth study commissioned by Skillnet Ireland involving over 200 small and medium sized business found that there is a growing recognition amongst companies of the need to plan for the impact that technological change will have on workers.

Referring to the study which was conducted in partnership with Amárach Research, Paul Healy, Skillnet Ireland’s Chief Executive said that 44% of businesses believe that a training plan is needed to address the fast pace of change in the world of work, yet only 13% already have a plan in place.

Paul Healy outlines why workforce development is the key to ensuring that businesses are ready for the future.

“Advances in technology, changing demographics and a multitude of competitive and geopolitical forces are constantly changing the landscape of work on a national and global level.

This research shows there is a growing recognition now amongst businesses of the importance of investing in workforce development to future-proof their business. The Future Works Summit will provide global insights into future work trends and will demonstrate how business leaders can prepare by actively engaging in the development of their teams.” he added.

Healy continued,

“As we look to the future, it is important to understand how technology will impact the workforce of tomorrow. 43% of businesses we surveyed said they believe they will be impacted by artificial intelligence and robotics in the next five years, while 39% said they did not expect to be impacted and 17% were unsure. Larger organisations are most likely to anticipate an imminent impact from AI.”

Keynote speaker and Technology Evangelist Clare Dillon will explore the impact of industry 4.0 on the workforce and changing world of work at the Summit.

“The organisations getting most return for their investment in AI are focused on exploring how AI can help their employees be more productive and how they can leverage AI to deliver brand new products, services and innovations. Almost every role in complex businesses will be changing to regularly interact with some form of AI. I’m looking forward to discussing how AI is powering change in our time at the Future Works Summit.”

A keynote will also be delivered by Charles Leadbeater, Innovation Thought Leader on future-proofing the workforce. There will also be an industry panel discussion to explore what the future of work really means for Irish businesses. Panellists will include representatives from the tech, engineering, manufacturing, retail, medtech and professional services sectors.

For more information on The Future Works Summit, visit https://thefutureworks.skillnetireland.ie/

To help futureproof your business, find your Skillnet Ireland Network, https://www.skillnetireland.ie/our-networks/

Infographic representation of the above mentioned figures are available to view here.

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