Positive Disruption: Smarter Humans and Smarter Machines

Sep 9th, 2019

At Skillnet Ireland, we constantly think about the changing world of work, how companies need to adapt, and the role people will play in this change. We believe that we will see a future of business being transformed with smarter humans utilising smarter machines  – a symbiotic relationship rather than the more common narrative of machines taking over jobs.


The rise of AI and Machine Learning

With the right level of application, machines can be used to analyse data, streamline productivity, deliver true digital transformation, and be a core component in defining business strategy.

As an example, it is fascinating how the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning is already starting to shape the future of roles in the financial services and technology sectors, thereby allowing employees to focus on more high value activities – and bringing them closer to their customers. We are also starting to see this pervasive adoption across a range of professional and non-professional business sectors. The trend will continue, and the role machines play in businesses of all sizes and industry focus, will cause disruption – we believe it will yield positive disruption.


Adopting a Digital Transformation Strategy

Companies who focus on developing and adopting a digital transformation strategy will be well placed to grow and remain relevant in the digital age. This can be a profound cultural shift, but if embraced correctly, will deliver the efficiencies, agility and performance improvements which can drive the success of their commercial future.

Undertaking this type of transformation involves a real willingness to evaluate and challenge; IT usage and infrastructure, operating processes, organisational activity, talent and core competencies. True adoption and transformation is doing this for a company’s entire business presence. Digital transformation can be applied to all business types. It really doesn’t matter what the business is – as technology has the potential to enable positive change throughout the economy.


How will Irish Business Get Ready?

So, one question we might ask, how we ready ourselves and develop the required competencies to ensure businesses in Ireland are able to make the right decisions in embracing and adopting the technologies and technological changes which will drive this transformation?

Regardless of whether a company is making a small change to enhance a production process, or if at the other end of the scale, they are looking to deploy AI to direct business intelligence needs, it will be vital that upskilling or re-skilling mandates and a continuous talent development philosophy, become a key objective for all owners and leaders.

A key focus of our 68 Skillnet Networks is to identify the skills needed to make your business more competitive. They work with your business to source and part-fund training partners to provide relevant upskilling where and when you need it. Get the expert support you need to start your digital transformation journey. Our Networks offer a flexible approach to suit your business needs, visit www.skillnetireland.ie/our-networks to find out more.


By Skillnet Ireland Chief Technologist Mark Jordan

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