Paul Healy at European DIGITAL SME Alliance Workshop - Skillnet Ireland

Skillnet Ireland presenting at 2nd European DIGITAL SME Alliance Expert Workshop

Dec 6th, 2018


Skillnet Ireland Chief Executive Paul Healy will present at the 2nd European Digital SME Alliance Expert Workshop, taking place this Friday 7 December in Brussels. The workshop is called ‘Developing a vision and identifying supporting measures for SME skills development in the area of Big Data, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity.’ Healy will showcase the Skillnet Ireland model in the context of supporting SMEs with the necessary skills, along with other responses, to the Digital/Internet of Things/Cyber/Big Data agenda.

The European DIGITAL SME Alliance

The European DIGITAL SME Alliance project aims to support specialised SME skills in this space across Europe. The first expert workshop took place in June 2018. The workshops are led by experts from the business community, academia and decision-making bodies, which help project partners to validate the research findings, engage the relevant stakeholders and enable knowledge sharing among them.

The European Commission and Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) took co-ownership of this initiative which analyses and supports SMEs’ skills development for Big Data, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity. This initiative is managed by a consortium of Capgemini Consulting, Technopolis Group and the European DIGITAL SME Alliance. Together with SMEs and other stakeholders, this initiative will develop a vision, identify support measures, prepare a roadmap and design a monitoring mechanism.

Upskilling and multi-agency cooperation

Commenting on the importance of upskilling and multi-agency cooperation in this area, Paul Healy highlights the recent Cybersecurity Skills Initiative (CSI). The CSI provides cross and upskilling training to IT operatives to counter the growing volume of cyber-attacks;

CSI is a great example of what can be achieved by enabling industry and practitioners to take the lead in determining both the problems and the solutions. Through CSI, Skillnet Ireland and Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet have facilitated a multi-disciplinary response that has resulted in employers, employees, Government agencies and other key stakeholders coming together to address this complex and urgent challenge.”

The aim of the European DIGITAL SME Alliance is to help strengthen SMEs’ workforce adaptability and capacity for the short to medium term. The objective of the workshop is to present the current state-of-play in Europe, discuss preliminary findings of the data collection, and to agree on the next steps and design of a shared vision and lines of action.

Visit the European Digital SME Alliance Expert website for more event details.

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