"The course content was excellently delivered. I learned a lot of new skills and information in the two day intensive programme relative to my career. I would definitely recommend this course."

Aoife McDonnell, Account Manager, Pitman Training


Galway Executive Skillnet


Programme Title:

Supervisor Excellence Programme


Programme Detail:

This bespoke development programme was designed to enable supervisors to build collaborative relationships with their peer supervisors and to support their individual team members to maximum levels of engagement, personal accountability and personal empowerment. The aim of this programme is to offer participants a foundation set of skills and techniques to become high performance supervisors.

About the Network

Galway Executive Skillnet is a regional, multi sector business network for companies operating in County Galway and the surrounding counties of Clare, Mayo and Roscommon. Network companies work collaboratively to respond locally to skills needs within their businesses. The network supports regional development by helping local businesses to arrive at shared local solutions that are more accessible, more affordable and ultimately, more effective at meeting their needs. The network addresses both technical and non-technical skills needs across multiple sectors.


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