Management Development Testimonials

"The IMI Diploma in Leadership has been a fantastic experience. The lecturers, the support, the content, the shared experience of the other participants, all contributed to a thoroughly enjoyable learning journey. I have learned so much and, most critically, I have been able to apply this learning to my business." Joerg Mueller - Managing Director, Solaris Botanicals Postgraduate IMI Diploma in Leadership
"Embarking on the IMI Diploma in Management programme through Skillnet Ireland Management Development has been an incredible journey. The subjects cover all aspects of business and offer significant benefits, from helping me to build strong teams to planning and executing strategic plans. The practical nature of every module allowed me to easily apply everything I learned in the classroom to my place of work. " Natasha Ramsay - Client Services Director, Merrion Fleet Postgraduate IMI Diploma in Management
"I would highly recommend the Skillnet Ireland Management Development IMI Diploma in Strategy & Innovation to other SMEs. The content is relevant and applicable, the calibre of the IMI lecturers and guest lecturers is phenomenal, and the mix of participants means that you learn a great deal from the experience in the room." Maurice Leahy - Director, Paramount Estates Postgraduate IMI Diploma in Strategy and Innovation
"I wasn’t sure if the course providers approach would work with our accountancy practice but the clarity and focus of the programme drove real improvements in our company performance." Conor O'Boyle - Partner, Conor O'Boyle & Associates Management Team Alignment
"The Skillnet Ireland Management Development Business Growth programme has acted as a catalyst to move my business forward in a structured fashion, with a focus on growth in terms of both sales and profitability. It has helped me refresh on the theory I had forgotten and has taught me a lot of new ideas that I will never forget." Enda Ruxton - Owner Manager, Greentherm Business Growth
"I had previously completed the Skillnet Ireland Management Development Business Growth programme and found the combination of group workshops and one-to-one business coaching highly effective. The Business Leadership programme was in-depth and allowed us to build on what we learned before. It also stepped up the amount of one-to-one business coaching, which helped us to drive on and implement changes in our business. We saw immediate results. Highly recommend the programme." Tara Keogh - Director, IOResource Business Leadership
"As a service provider it is essential that we are continuously providing service delivery improvement, increasing our value proposition to our clients but also to staff. The Skillnet Ireland Management Development Lean Business programme provided us with the time and focus to review our processes with a view of simplifying them. The results were amazing. We successfully implemented all projects, which resulted in cost savings to ourselves and our clients. We would definitely recommend all companies to partake in this course." Susan Spillane - Derrycourt Cleaning Specialists Lean Business

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