Longer working lives set to transform working environment - Skillnet Ireland

Longer working lives set to become blend of high touch and high tech

Apr 18th, 2019


“We need to ready ourselves for a long life of work and extended careers,” Healy advises. “That may be nice for some people, but it will be quite challenging for many of us. Anyone under the age of 40 has to start thinking about this. This is going to happen in the context of major technological disruption. More and more technologies like AI, robotics and cobotics are coming into the workplace. Employment is going to be a blend of high touch and high tech. The technology will be combined with the uniquely human traits of creativity, empathy, strategic thinking, collaboration and leadership.”

Paul Healy, Chief Executive of Skillnet Ireland


Skillnet Ireland Chief Executive says increased longevity and pressure on pension system set to transform work landscape. Read the full Irish Times article here.

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