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Renowned Irish Chefs Join Together to Promote the Positives of Cheffing as a Career

Nov 21st, 2018

Chef Network Skillnet launch ‘Better Kitchen Workplace Charter’ at LinkedIn EMEA HQ, Dublin.


This autumn, chefs across Ireland have been gathering to discuss why being a chef is a great career choice and working together on how best to promote the profession to chefs of the future. This culminated in the launch of a new ‘Better Kitchen Workplace Charter’ yesterday at an event in the offices of LinkedIn, Dublin. Those in the hospitality and food service industry joined chefs from across the country to attend the seminar which addressed key challenges within the sector. These challenges included how to promote the industry, create a better workplace, and how to attract and retain chefs.


Chef Network Skillnet

With support from Skillnet Ireland, Chef Network Skillnet the training arm of Ireland’s professional chef community Chef Network, hosted a series of Round Table events nationwide with industry professionals to brainstorm on how best to support chefs and retain talent within the sector, as well as discussing what they love about being a chef. The feedback from the Round Tables and Student Industry Forum, helped develop the ‘Better Kitchen Workplace Charter’. The charter contains a set of principles for each kitchen team to adhere to, which will foster a working environment built on respect, learning and create a place where people are happy to come to work.

Ruth Hegarty, head of community at Chef Network, said, “Chefs all over the country have been coming together to talk about their love of their profession, their passion for what they do and their commitment to making the industry better and attracting the chefs of the future. At our Round Tables and student forum, chefs spoke of the camaraderie in the industry, the creativity, and variety in the job, and the many opportunities and different career paths it affords them. We need the whole industry to join us in telling this positive side of the story as well as supporting chef’s commitments to creating a better workplace in kitchens.”


Renowned Chefs Join Together

Following the presentation of the ‘Better Kitchen Workplace Charter’ yesterday evening, a panel discussion with renowned chefs including Danni Barry, Domini Kemp and Chad Byrne, moderated by Irish food and farming journalist Ella McSweeney wrapped up the event.

Acclaimed Irish chef Danni Barry, who achieved a Michelin star in 2015 and is on the Kitchen Culture panel, said, “I would strongly encourage chefs and those working in the industry to get involved with Chef Network. They are doing such important work to support chefs and improve our industry, and I have personally gotten so much out of my involvement with them. Chef Network events give us the opportunity to come together as a community to address the challenges we face, as well as working together to promote cheffing as the amazing career that it is.”


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