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The world of work is changing rapidly. We all need to develop new skills and competencies throughout our lives and careers. You can embrace a wide range of learning opportunities through our Skillnet Business Networks and dedicated initiatives such as Skills Connect.


Are you an employee seeking to further develop your own skills and competencies?

Skillnet Ireland offers a wide range of talent development solutions through our Skillnet Business Networks and talent initiatives. Discover how our networks can help you develop your skills and across a wide range of areas from management development to highly specialist skills across all sectors and regions. Places on our subsidised programmes can be booked by your employer with the relevant Skillnet Business Network.

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Interested in investing in talent development for your team or organisation?

For more than 20 years, Skillnet Ireland have successfully partnered with businesses of all sizes, industry bodies, and individuals to understand and deliver the talent they really need. We’re experts at designing high impact talent solutions development within enterprise. Learn more about how Skillnet Business Networks can support your business needs.

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Are you seeking to develop new skills to gain employment?

Skills Connect offers training and work placements for jobseekers and career returners seeking new job opportunities. Designed in partnership with enterprise, these programmes offer bespoke upskilling and training solutions that can help support your re-entry into the workforce. Discover our Skills Connect programmes across a wide range of sectors with Skillnet Business Networks today.

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