GPS for Business Support in the Digital Age

Oct 5th, 2020

Skillnet Ireland dublin tech summit

Skillnet Ireland is proud to support this years Dublin Tech Summit, taking place virtually on the 14th October. Dublin Tech Summit brings together some of the greatest technology and business thought leaders from across the globe for a day of interactive, engaging and inspiring content.

Mark Jordan, Chief Technologist at Skillnet Ireland, wrote a guest blog for Dublin Tech Summit, discussing digital transformation and the ability for technology to radically change the way we do business, as companies look to increase productivity, improve quality, and engage more directly with customers.


You could argue that one of the greatest inventions which has been integrated into our daily lives is GPS, and what’s not to like about it! You enter where you are, where you want to go, and the device does the rest. It will tell you how long a trip will take, whether to divert when there’s trouble ahead, and you get those gentle reminders guiding you safely to your destination. You might even be told along the way some added extras; picnic areas, sights to see or places to dine. All very straight forward. Well yes, as-long-as you follow the route!

If only there was the equivalent service for business when it comes to helping enable digital transformation. 


Continue reading the full article on the Dublin Tech Summit website.


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