Digital Badge Symposium – Taste 4 Success Skillnet and UCC

Oct 23rd, 2019

The Future of Workforce Learning: Application of Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials

Thursday 14 November, 9am – 2pm
Devere Hall, UCC
Admission: Free of charge
Register Now: Click here


There is a need to ensure that the skills base of the Irish workforce reflect not just the current demands but the challenges of future growth. Vital to this is placing a clear emphasis on the importance of skills and the benefits of having a motivated workforce. Digital badges herald a new chapter in supporting Ireland’s skills agenda, allowing for a validated representation of a skill or achievement earned, or knowledge gained, which can be displayed, accessed and verified online.

The Digital Badge Symposium 2019, hosted by Taste 4 Success Skillnet and University College Cork (UCC) Food Industry Training Unit, will consider the value of digital badges, the growing application of micro-credential awards and their relevance to industry, with a specific focus on developments for the agriculture, food and the marine sectors.

The Digital Badge Symposium presents findings from a recent innovative research study conducted by Taste 4 Success Skillnet and the Food Industry Training Unit at UCC which explores the opportunity to develop digital badge credentials for non-accredited programmes and will showcase how digital badges are being recognised as a leading-edge learning technology for all industry sectors.


“Badging allows us to recognise effort and learning beyond
simple attendance and completion, and doing it online is simply a
reflection of the digital presence and footprint we are all creating
in our everyday lives, not just our work lives.”
Event Speaker – Tom O’Mara, Head of Digital Education, UCC


The Digital Badge Symposium is relevant to all those involved in recruitment, training and upskilling of staff, those interested in CPD and micro-credentials, and any person wishing to increase their awareness about how digital badges can be used to enhance workforce learning.

To find out more and register your place, please visit the Taste 4 Success website here.


To view the research report (April 2019) conducted by Taste 4 Success Skillnet, the Food Industry Training Unit at University College Cork (UCC), please click here to download.

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